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About Angel Care Network

A Life of Gratification.
Helping patients age in place.

Thank you for your interest in Angel Care Network and, more importantly, for your interest in keeping your loved one living at home. I have more than 20 years of experience providing health care services, and I can tell you that in most cases, your loved one will function better and enjoy life more by remaining in their home.

Think about it. Who wants to work their whole life and live in a house for 40 years only to get moved to a strange place because they become forgetful or begin to have trouble performing day-to-day activities? I saw it firsthand with my grandmother, who passed away not long after being moved to a nursing home despite her lucidity and relatively good physical health.  Often people essentially give up and pass away shortly after they have huge life changes such as a move or death of a spouse.

Keeping your loved one healthy, happy, and in the comfortable surroundings of home represents one of the surest ways to delay a downhill spiral. Our staff of Angels tries to do that with each patient — keep him or her living at home in as much physical, mental, and emotional health as possible. We offer a variety of services to reach that goal, all with the personal touch that you won’t find with larger agencies.

The importance of that personal touch and care was ingrained in me during my youth as a caregiver. After earning my undergraduate degree in health care administration, I joined a home health service and loved every minute of helping my patients in their homes. I observed other staff members and learned what approaches worked with different types of patients, and what didn’t.

I took all those lessons learned with me when I founded Angel Care Network in 2007. Much of our staff, licensed, certified, and insured, have been with me for years, and they share my values of intrinsic motivation and personal service. I love matching Angels to patients, and seeing how well they work together soon after we begin providing services.  It gives me such satisfaction to see patients age gracefully in their homes.  Matching caregivers and patients is my passion.   

Thank you for your interest in my agency. We look forward to helping your loved one remain and thrive in his or her home. Contact us for more information or a free consultation.



Kristina Johnson

Owner and Director of Patient Services

Angel Care Network

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